Abusive HIV positive MLF Mthwakazi supporter Skumbuzo Manduna harasses Viomak over MLF


Viomak on her facebook page also despised the group’s tribal secession agenda to divide  Zimbabwe into two on tribal grounds so that the Mthwakazi group can have their own territory in Zimbabwe and run their own affairs away from the Shonas .

The tribalists MLF Mthwakazi group has also promised to kill all Shona people in revenge of Gukurahundi . The group that is well known for spreading hate has become very unpopular among many Zimbabweans.

A reliable Zimbabwean journalist who after seeing the HIV positive Manduna posting tribal and abusive comments on Viomak’s wall confided in her that the man Skumbuzo Manduna is an HIV patient whose evil behaviour is also mostly likely affected by his HIV status in addition to his hatred towards Shonas.

Many HIV patients are known to be frustrated and they are angry with almost everyone.They tend to vent their anger on anyone due to the hopelessness they suffer because of the deadly disease whose cure is yet to be found.

The abusive  sickly tribalist who has not remained  quiet has also attacked Viomak for forming ZIDELE ,a political party set to oppose GNU and ZANUPF.Writing on her facebook wall today and talking to another MLF Mthwakazi thug MDC-N Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga,HIV positive  Skumbozo said ,

“Prince, don’t take that lady seriously, she is President of a knitting club where women gather and discuss their marital issues over tea and scones and she goes about telling people that it’s a political party. You have to exercise restraint when you are dealing with her dude!”

The violent thugs who have been described by Viomak as Mthwakazi terrorists have become a common nuisance on her wall provoking the human rights defender  at every opportunity that comes their way.

“Freedom of expression and opinion is a human right.I am now convinced that Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) is much more dangerous than ZANUPF.Time will tell.Mark my words.” Wrote Viomak on her wall.

The statement angered Manduna  and Malinga who immediately verbally abused the activist in a different thread on her wall.Viomak took none of it and told the Mthwakazi tribalists off.Refering to a man who commented on Viomak’s wall , Skumbuzo wrote

Skumbuzo Manduna “ Man  if you say annex it’s wrong because the territory is a Mthwakazi area and nobody is being colonised. Calling for secession isn’t that an alienable human right if I may ask?

June 18 at 9:04pm ·

And Viomak responded thus,

Human Rights Defender Viomak “@ Skumbuzo .My history tells me Ndebeles came from South Africa and not Zimbabwe so how is that your territory ?”

Skumbuzo Manduna  “Vio, I hope you are geting me right, I just said asking for secession is a human right just like expressing your opinion but I didn’t say I support it not I don’t support it. I support justified democratic causes like calls for Mugabe to relinquish power or being forced to handover power by any means necessary that i’m 100% for it!”

Human Rights Defender Viomak@Skumbuzo My brother asking for secession is a human right only if what they are asking for belongs to them but of course they have the right to be heard but not the right to ask for what doesn’t belong to them. In any case they are not asking but they are DEMANDING which is a human wrong and not a human right because that territory is not theirs.They should not do things that will force the Shonas to tell them to go back where they came from .That causes tribal wars as Graham rightly said.” Wrote Viomak

Skumbuzo Manduna @viomak, Shonas well didn’t originate in present day Zimbabwe so there is nobody with the right that u r not from Zimbabwe coz we are all foreigners!” Responded Skumbuzo.

Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga “@ vio go to-hell. And hands off manduna hands off! “

Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga “Yes raise the clarion call: HANDS OFF MANDUNA HANDS OFF! “

Human Rights Defender Viomak “Prince.Haiwawo Shame on you filthy tribalist.I have no time for tribalists.Post your last comment before I remove you from my list.”

Human Rights Defender Viomak Skumbuzo .Continue day dreaming.

Tribalism is wrecking havoc in Zimbabwe with many Ndelebes hating Shonas and blaming them for murdering Ndebels during gukurahundi.