ZANUPF thug in Britain Augustus Mutizira says tortured victim smeared charcoal on face

 An abusive ZANUPF thug in Britain shocked me today when he said a victim of torture burnt by Mugabe’s thugs smeared charcoal on his burnt face.As if that was not enough he went on to say the other victim ‘s image is a fake movie image.

Augustus Mutizira is one of the well known ZANUPF thugs who is resident in Britain and I wonder what he is doing in Britain if Mugabe is a  good leader.

The foul mouthed ZANUPF monster is so ruthless one thinks he is mentally unstable.When he started posting on my wall last year saying all sorts of rubbish supporting Mugabe and ZANUPF I took it as one of those things.When I started my campaign against Mugabe and ZANUPF this February to protest against the celebration of Mugabe ‘s 87th birthday on 21 February, Augustus Mutizira started tormenting me over my stance.

The ZANU PF thug was also very angry that I posted Mugabe’s pictures on facebook humiliating him in public.So Augustus sought revenge on behalf of Mugabe.He wants me to tolerate zanupf thugs and stop calling them thugs.He told me that I need anger management because I am very angry with zanupf and Mugabe.This means he wants me to smile as ZANUPF and Mugabe are murdering,torturing and burning people who oppose them and stealing from us.As he got more angry he wrote me a private message to me blabbering like most of them who support zanupf.He said he is loved by everyone and went on to call me names.

Today after I posted two pictures of victims tortured by zanupf and Mugabe he immediately came to comment and of all the comments I have heard from zanupf supporters Augustus’s insensitive and evil comments made me wonder if it is really fair that thugs like him be allowed to remain in Britain.


“Torture victim smeared charcoal and goat’s blood,and was not burnt by zanupf thugs” said Augustus Mutizira


“This is not zanupf torture.This is a movie scene,google photo” Said Augustus Mutizira

In one of the comments that I have copied below Augustus said it was a movie image and went on to say the other black victim had smeared charcoal.My heart broke and I couldnt understand why a ZANUPF thug in Britain who ran away from Mugabe would say this.

Augustus Mutizira  “Ndezve mufirimu izvo, mafoto epagoogle ayo, hapana anoziva kuti munhu iyeyu ndewekupi. Akarohwa here kana kuti akagariswa pamwe panhu. Sure munhu akarohwa anodhinda shamhu, iwo macircle emagaro ndo ongokuvara chete, pliz Zimbabweans maakabatwa kumeso manje. Asi vashoma vanobatwa kumeso. Kana uyo mumwe akazora matsito kumeso neropa rembudzi paChristmas nekufara aakunzi akarohwa, miromo yorega kuzvimba? ” (Refering to the white image – These are movie scenes.These are goole photos.No one knows this person.Was this person beaten up or he sat on something.Someone who is beaten up should show signs.Why was the person hurt on the buttocks only?Please Zimbabweans don’t be fooled .Only a few people will be fooled.-Refering to the black one – Even that one smeared charcoal on face and goat’s blood at Christmas and his lips got swollen whilst enjoying and you say he was beaten up)”

After I told him that I am going to write an opinion about his views and have them published on the internet ,he went on to change his statement and said,

 Augustus Mutizira “U shuld put the picture l commented as well so that those with eyes can c where l was coming from. Those fotos don’t look genuine, human rights abuse exists everybody knows that but demonising someone coz of a picture is a sign of political immaturity. We need proper proof. Then we can start talking even a video of a Zimbabwean beaten speaking in a native language will be great. Isn’t it my learned friends.”