Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mugabe converts Harare into military base

Robert has converted the whole of Harare into a military base. Fully armed military personnel and "riot" police are just about everywhere.

Formation of revolutionary command council- Zimbabwe Million Citizen March

The Zimbabwe Million Citizen March concept was created and brought into life by a group of concerned Zimbabwean citizens who, having seen THE PEOPLE taking their own destiny into their hands and triumph in Egypt and Tunisia, realised that Zimbabwe was not different, and the time had come for THE PEOPLE to reclaim their destiny.

Protest picket for Zimbabwean Human Rights

Last week 45 people were arrested in Harare for watching a video on the uprising in Egypt. They were charged with treason and were tortured by government personnel.

Zimbabwe banned musician to release Operation Matibili album for Mugabe’s 87th birthday

As the political crisis in Zimbabwe continues to take a devastating effect, renowned controversial anti-Mugabe protest singer cum activist Viomak is not giving up.

Meet the evil ZANU PF thug who sends ZANUPF HIV lifers to rape women...

The anti Mugabe 87th birthday campaign that I am running on facebook has not only increased the number of my enemies but it has also made me meet the real ZANUPF thugs who terrorise opposing voices.

Zimbabweans Protest to Demand The End of The 31-year Rule By the Iron-Fisted...

On 1 March, 2011, Zimbabweans will hold mass protests in Harare to demand the end of the 31-year rule of the iron-fisted and corrupt dictator Robert Mugabe.

Dangerous ZANUPF crook in Britain Augustus Mutizira was active in MDC-UK

Meet AUGUSTUS MUTIZIRA again.One of the evil ZANUPF crooks who joined MDC branches in Britain so as to use the party credentials to seek...

ZANUPF monster Tawanda Mvenge who terrorised me on Valentine's day

I woke up today on Valentine's day in a very jovial mood only to meet up with a ZANUPF monster who had posted on my wall a provoking message saying that I have time to waste because I go after ZANUPF murderers who are torturing innocent souls.

MDC to pay Gibson Sibanda bodyguard

Bulawayo senior judge Justice Nicholas Ndou has ordered the embattled MDC party to pay the bodyguard of the late MDC vice-president Gibson Sibanda more than $9 000 in terminal benefits after he was unfairly dismissed from work.