Zimbabwe Development Leaders (ZIDELE – ZDL ) President New Year statement


On behalf of Zimbabwe Development Leaders ZIDELE -ZDL I wish ALL our supporters ,would be supporters and well wishers a wonderful new year filled with God’s love.It is because of your support and love that ZIDELE has started to prosper and will prosper .

The year 2011 will see ZIDELE moving to greater heights as we embark on rugged terrain.The political situation in Zimbabwe is not as easy as saying GO ZIDELE GO but it is a demanding and dangerous decision that one has to take.For the sake of freedom,human dignity and development it is a worthwhile cause that is very necessary to pursue.

As challenging as it is, I will strive on taking the necessary risk and map out the best way forward for the sake of our generations and ourselves. Zimbabwe politics is currently very dirty and I am willing to play in the mud and find a way of cleaning it up without making myself dirty. This does not mean that I am perfect as no human being is perfect, but I am politically clean.

ZIDELE will usher Zimbabwe into a new type of CLEAN and safe politics whose TRUTH principles (Tolerance-Responsibility-Understanding –Transparency-Honesty), will give power to the people among other responsibilities. This means Zimbabwe will belong to Zimbabweans and not to ZIDELE. Zimbabwe will be for Zimbabweans and not for political parties.

As an aspiring politician my urgent priorities include seeking JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. All murderers and perpetrators of political violence should be brought to book and should not be allowed to get away with their evil deeds under what circumstances. This means NO RECONCILIATION without justice. No UNITY without justice. No LOVE without justice. Justice first and everything else falls into place.

As we are approaching election time (which ZIDELE will not contest), I wish the parties contesting the best of luck, but rigging and violence is guaranteed. All the same, whatever you think is best for you should be done. The choice is yours as you are the ones who are in it. Keep up the struggle as all your efforts for a better Zimbabwe are cherished and admired.

ZIDELE is willing to work with ALL genuine democratic forces, Zimbabwe citizens and good outsiders towards a good Zimbabwe as long as we are guided by the same ideologies and principles.TRUTH principles are ZIDELE’s guiding ideologies and ANYONE willing to honour the unique TRUTH principles will become part of our big family.

Those who don’t agree with our TRUTH principles are not our enemies but they are our friends in the struggle.We will always respect their choice to pursue principles that work for them and we are willing to work with them whenever it becomes possible and viable.

To ZIDELE supporters.Thank you too for your courage and patience.The struggle is for us all. 2010 was a very tough year for me personally but I conquered and so 2011 will see me refocusing and setting base to see if we can conquer the world of Zimbabwe politics.Better to try and fail than fail to try.I love challenges and so all is under control.God willingly 2011 will see ZIDELE supporters proudly reciting our TRUTH principles publicly in preparations for election after 2011.It is obviously not an easy journey but we will see how best we can go around the challenge and achieve our goals.

Myself being a woman,we are going to be faced with struggles within a struggle,as some of you have already witnessed,but let us keep the momentum and keep going as freedom doesn’t come on a silver platter.Be prepared for anything as the political situation in Zimbabwe is not the Garden of Eden but it resembles Hell.

Also bear in mind that freedom of expression and opinion is a human right.Anyone who doesn’t believe in ZIDELE is not an enemy ,but is a friend who shares different political views so their right to support a political party of their choice should be respected and tolerated.Do not provoke those who don’t support ZIDELE for it is their right not to support ZIDELE.However,if those who don’t support ZIDELE provoke you for not supporting their political party,you have the right to defend yourself and let me know.I wish you good luck in dealing with such kind of intolerant citizens as it will take a long time for all of us to understand that tolerance is key to a peaceful society.Let us see where 2011 takes us and what we can do to make ZIDELE a great success story.

To our would be supporters,it is your right not to support ZIDELE if you don’t want to.No one has the right to force you to support ZIDELE. In case you choose to learn more about ZIDELE before you make a decision about supporting us,please add Zimbabwe Development Leaders ZIDELE as a facebook friend and also visit www.zimbabwedevelopmentleaders.org or google our name.

Happy new year to you all.May all your good dreams come true. Moving forward.GO ZIDELE GO.