MDC-T thug Collen Mupazviriho harassing me is linked to ZANUPF terrorist Prince Mupazviriho


Collen Mupazviriho is one of the intolerant MDC -Tsvangirai thugs who gave me a very hard time in 2010.He is said to be related to ZANUPF thug Prince Mupazviriho.When he visited my wall he came innocently and I could tell by his comments that he had not come in good faith.I checked his profile and saw that he supports MDC T.When I am asked him he denied it and he temporarily hid his political affliation but he didn’t know that I had saved his profile.I will soon expose how he tormented and harassed me as I see that he is ready to  continue with his terrorism and harassment into 2011 as he is also very angry that I am forming a political party ZIDELE.I am also somehow convinced that he doesn’t support MDC Tsvangirai as on his profile but he could be using that to fool the public .I think he is a ZANUPF supporter.

The ZANUPF terrorist Prince Mupazviriho worked in the President`s Office for many years prior to his elevation which saw him land a big post as Director in the Public Service.He now heads the Ministry of Youth as Permanent Secretary, where he works hand in hand with the controversial Minister, Kasukuwere in running the Border Gezi institutes among other issues. During the land grabs, he was also awarded a big farm in Marondera.


Before I blocked the MDC-T thug Collen Mupazviriho I checked his profile below and I saw that he comes from Marondera too.Born in 1951 this MDC-T hooligan thug hates me so much that I will not rule out his affiliation to zanupf .


About Me

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Sex: Male
Birthday: July 12, 1951

Looking For: Friendship

Current City: Marondera
Political Views: TSVANGIRAI
Religious Views: Christian

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·          ·         Marondera, Zimbabwe


The rascal is a very good example of the many MDC thugs I have had to deal with whenever I do my work.Silencing different voices is not a new thing in Zimbabwe and it is very unfortunate that thsome MDC supporters are worse that ZANUPF supporters in as far as intolerance and hooliganism is concerned .It is high time Zimbabweans know that it is not only  ZANUPF that has dangerous thugs in their midst but MDC is also infested with dangerous thugs.

Collen Mupazviriho started hating me when I publicly criticised MDC -T .What still surprises me is he was very arrogant to me and made it a point that he visits my facebook wall to harass and terrorise me until I blocked him today,but he never harassed some men who crticised MDC-T.Could it be because I am a woman? Or could it be because I am forming an oppostion political party?Anyway ,whatever the reason is ,this MDC -T hooligan is the type  of man who would murder and rape in the name of MDC-T.Now my main question among other disturbing ones is,If we just watch these MDC-T  thugs terrorising us are we not breeding the same type of violent thugs that we have in ZANUPF?

It didn’t end there.When I spearheaded the campaign to have MDC leaders declare their assets Collen is one of the MDC thugs who harassed me for initiating such a campaign.I couldn’t believe that any sane person would defend that leaders don’t declare their personal assets,but because he is so intolerant and hates me very much he teamed up with other MDC thugs like Praise Tatenda Muhle and one Charles Chinyere among others as thye terrorised me over the issue.

In a typical fashion that is very common among these political terrorists he started bt telling me that tdeclaring assets doesn’t bring change or freedom in zim and he complained that the opposition are fighting each adother instead of the real enemy.He went on to ask me to declare my assets first saying to me,

“why cant u declare yos and lead by example,other than kungosimbirira vazvigarire zvavo.Collen Mupazviriho declare yos first ,lead by example sis”

That is the same response I got from MDC-T minister Obert Gutu when I asked when he was going to declare his assets as he had promised to do so since last year.

Since then this MDC thug never gave me rest.The harassment was so severe and well timed as he only came in to terrorise me whenever I posted a topic about MDC.As a political activist my work also involves analysing the political situation in Zimbabwe and given the rough circumstances, I had to take in a lot of abuse from him as he had actually become a dangerous troll.

His link to ZANUPF Prince Mupazviriho still stands and that is most likely another obvious reason why he found it necessary to terrorise me.