Monthly Archives: May 2010

Zimbabwe woman tries to sell unborn baby in SA

A 19-year-old Zimbabwean woman has been caught by South African police while trying to sell her unborn baby for R30 000 to human traffickers.

Zimbabwe police raid home of GALZ director

Harare Police on Wednesday raided the home of the gay right association director, Chesterfield Samba.

Australia task force to track HIV Zim acrobat's victims

A specail taskforce will track down hundreds of women nationwide who may be infected with HIV after sleeping with acrobat Godfrey Zaburoni.

Police arrest gays over drugs and pornographic material.

Zimbabwean police have arrested two employees of the country's only gay and lesbian group, the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) in a raid on the group's HQ.

Man accused of killing white supremacist leader is Zimbabwean

The man accused of killing right-wing leader Eugène Terre’Blanche is from Zimbabwe. This emerged in his bail application at the Ventersdorp magistrate’s court yesterday.

Zimbabwean Wilbert Chaniwa accused of swindling R 20 000 from S.A woman

A South Africa based woman Lana Potgieter has accused Zimbabwean businessman and motivational speaker Wilbert Chaniwa of swindling R20 000 from her.

Zim government officials looting Reserve bank assets

A syndicate of senior Zimbabwean government officials, including ministers and top senior civil servants, is looting Reserve Bank assets through illegal auctions of public property over unpaid debts.

Aussie based Zim man charged with knowingly spreading HIV

A circus acrobat accused of spreading HIV to a woman through unprotected sex is being extradited from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

Mtukudzi among artists who recorded 8 goals for Africa song

Eight African artists (one for each MDG) from across the continent recorded the ‘8 GOALS FOR AFRICA’ song.

Grade Zero scam by headmaster and teacher exposed

A school Development Committee in Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb is locked in a dispute with the institution’s head and a teacher for allegedly abusing their power by over enrolling pupils for the Grade Zero class and then taking the surplus to set up a parallel class of their own outside the school premises as a “private enterprise’’, Sunday News can reveal.