Monthly Archives: February 2010

Detectives demand US$15000 bribe

Two police detectives stationed here have been arrested in Beitbridge for allegedly extorting US$15 000 from a Harare woman they found carrying US$280 000 cash in a haulage truck.

Agricultural workers union boss goes into hiding

Agricultural workers union boss Getrude Hambira has gone into hiding for the second time in three months as state security agents swooped into the offices of the trade union Thursday to arrest two officials in Harare.

Government uses 65 percent revenue on wages

Zimbabwe’s government is earning only US$100 million per month, 65 percent of which goes to wages, Finance Minister Tendai Biti told reporters on Thursday, painting a grim picture of the state coffers at a time civil servants are on strike for improved salaries.

U.S. Embassy honors five Zimbabwe students for essay on President Obama

Harare, February 26, 2010: The U.S. Embassy yesterday honored five Zimbabwean students for essays about their hopes following the ascendancy to the U.S. Presidency by Barack Obama in 2009.

Viomak releases Supreme Leader protest album to escort Mugabe to the land of Kings

On 27 February 2010, President Mugabe’s 86th birthday celebrations will be held in Bulawayo, the land of Kings and protest singer Viomak is escorting the Supreme leader with the release of her 6th protest music album Happy 86th birthday President R.G Matibili (Supreme Leader).

Finance minister says West ready to cancel debt

Western donors are ready to cancel Zimbabwe's $6 billion foreign debt, Finance Minister Tendai Biti said on Thursday, adding that the lenders were waiting for Harare to put the process in motion.

Musicians to celebrate Mugabe's birthday

Jamaican reggae artiste Sizzla is expected to attend this year’s 21st February Movement celebrations scheduled for Bulawayo tonight.

Raymond Majongwe now singing praises for Mugabe

Muimbi wedzimbo dzeChimurenga, Raymond Majongwe, osimbaradza vimbiso yake yekuda kubatsira mukuvigwa kwemapfupa evaiva varwi vehondo yerusununguko vakafira munzvimbo dzakasiyana.

Dog eats remains of human being at hospital

In an incident that left visitors and staffers at Bulawayo’s Mpilo Central Hospital in a state of shock, a dog was seen moving around the premises carrying the remains of a human being.

Australia based Zimbabwean drowns fishing

A Zimbabwean cardiology nurse at Sydney’s Westmead Public Hospital last Friday drowned at Wynnie Bay, a rocky fishing spot with a record of deaths of several fishermen