Monthly Archives: February 2010

MDC councillor acquires property fraudulently

MDC-T Councillor for Glen Norah, Peter Marange, is accused of attempting to fraudulently acquire title to a property in the area with the connivance of a council official, it has been learned.

President Mugabe lands AU Peace and Security Council post

The African Union (AU) has selected warmonger Robert Mugabe for a place on its Peace and Security Council, one of the bloc's most powerful organs, the organisation's head of legal affairs said.

Mtshabezi-Umzingwane dams pipeline project gets US$7m

The Government has released part of the US$7 million allocated to the Mtshabezi-Umzingwane Dams pipeline project and the contractors have resumed work, a Cabinet Minister said yesterday.

Miliband says sanctions will be lifted on MDC advice

British foreign secretary David Miliband says a decision on whether to lift sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe will be guided by advice from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party.

Police drive out children from creche over Bishop

Baton-wielding police officers this week drove out 60 children from a nursery school at Karoi Anglican church because their parents do not support excommunicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga’s bid to seize control of the church.

Netone fails to repay US$28m loan

The government-owned telecommunications company, NetOne, has approached treasury to renegotiate terms for a US$28 million loan the firm got from international financiers at its inception more than a decade ago.

Political violence hits Tsvangirai district

Up to 10 families have been left homeless after their huts were burned down.

DPM Mutambara criticises David Miliband over sanctions

Zimbabwean officials have sharply criticised British Foreign Secretary David Miliband for what one called his “very patronising” remarks on sanctions, saying those comments could hurt Zimbabwe’s power-sharing negotiations.

ZANU PF Minister receiving salary from ARDA 10 years after leaving

Harare - Agriculture Minister Joseph Made has continued to earn a salary from the Agricultural and Rural Developoment Authority (ARDA) which he left 10 years ago when he was appointed a government minister as a thank you for managing Robert Mugabe's farms.

Secret airstrip built at Zimbabwe diamond field

A secret airstrip is being built in a diamond field illegally seized by the Zimbabwean army 14 months ago which would enable clandestine weapons shipments.