Monthly Archives: August 2009

Manchester city's Benjamin Mwaruwari sister on the run

The sister of £8million Manchester City star Benjani is a suspected illegal immigrant who has gone on the run in Britain.

Farmer wife killed in latest murder of whites

The 75-year-old wife of a farmer on a smallholding in central Zimbabwe has been murdered in the fourth recent killing of whites on isolated holdings as violence on beleaguered white farms continues, relatives said Sunday.

Zimbabwe nets 20 million from diamond sales

Zimbabwe has grossed 19.6 million dollars from diamond sales during the first seven months of the year, government statistics showed Monday, amid concerns about rights abuses in the nation's diamond fields.

Zimbabwean man stabbed to death in Slough fight

Slough -A 23-year-old man who died from a stab wound has been named by police.

Public officials should declare their assets

Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF government in the 1980s developed and adopted a leadership code under which leaders were to declare their wealth, and under which their acquisition of further wealth would be publicly scritinised.

Mbare woman faces culpable homicide charges

Police in Harare have arrested a Mbare woman in connection with the death of her five-year-old deaf and mute niece who drank a pesticide after being left unattended.

Abandoned lions escape from farm

A number of hungry lions out of a pride of at least 40 abandoned after a farmer was evicted from a commercial farm on the outskirts of Masvingo city have escaped.

Parliament splashes US$8 000 on flowers

Parliament splashed US$8 000 on flowers on the chaotic July All-Stakeholders’ Conference on the constitution despite claims that the process is financially hamstrung.

Speaker: MPs must declare all assets

Parliament is to draw up plans to force MPs, ministers and Senators to declare their assets in a drive to tackle corruption by public officials, the Speaker of Parliament announced.

Kudzai Sevenzo ups her game on second album

For Kudzai Sevenzo singing is not something to which she was formally introduced, but something that came to her as naturally as the urge to speak or walk.